We want the best for our academy a wider community. Some people will take part in “Anti-Social Behaviour”, which is of detriment to the community.


Anti-social behaviour is defined as an activity that impacts on other people in a negative way. It can include a variety of behaviours covering a whole range of selfish  and unacceptable activity that can ruin quality of life for individuals, families and communities. Anti-social behaviour is most often defined as behaviour that causes or is likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress to one or more people not of the same household as the person responsible, who is referred to as the perpetrator.


Examples of anti-social behaviour include graffiti, abusive and intimidating language, excessive noise (particularly late at night), fouling the street with litter and drunken behaviour in the streets, along with the mess it creates. Councils and Police are required by law to do all that they can to tackle crime and disorder problems in their area.


If you have witnessed anti-social behaviour, you can help to make our streets a safer and happier environment, by reporting it here.

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